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Need to Buy Materials?

At the Vollers Recycling Facility, we deploy state-of-the-art technology to transform demolition materials into crushed concrete and asphalt, screened topsoil, and mulch. These products provide our clients, with a value-added benefit that can enhance the quality of their projects and offset overall project costs.

Because the availability of our Fill Material constantly changes, please contact us with your request.



Picked Up:

Recycled material is priced by the load or cubic yard.

Delivery Service:

Please call for an estimated quote. Deliveries are priced per hour with a minimum of one hour.

Crushed Concrete
(recycled material)

We produce crushed concrete that is 1 1/4” minus blend, and conforms to NJ DOT DGA specifications. This product is useful in roadways,driveways, & building pads. It can also be used as backfill, under pavers in patios, and for landscaping purposes. Crushed concrete is available for both pickup & delivery.

Crushed Asphalt (recycled material)

We produce crushed asphalt that is 1 1/4" minus blend. This product is useful in driveways and as roadbase. Crushed asphalt is available for both pick-up and delivery.

(recycled material)

We provide both screened and unscreened topsoil to our clients. This product is useful for landscaping and fill purposes. Our topsoils have limited availability for both pick-up & delivery, so please call to ensure that we have what you need before visiting.

Mulch (recycled material)

From our collected tree parts, we produce 2 types of high-quality mulch. Our regular Double-Ground Root Mulch is untreated and has a rich brown color. Our Black-Dyed Double-Ground Root Mulch is dyed with black carbon dust, which gives it a much darker color which won't bleed or fade like less expensive dyes. This harmless additive is purely for aesthetic purposes and is nontoxic to neither plants nor animals. Both types of mulch are for use in decorative landscaping. These products have limited availability for both pick-up and delivery, so please call to ensure that we have what you need before visiting.

Certified Clean Topsoil
Mushroom Soil - A nutrient rich material that is the sterilized by product left over after mushrooms are harvested. Mushroom soil should be used to enhance other soils.
3/4" Clean Stone
Stone Dust
3/4" Red Stone
1" River Stone
Yellow Mason Sand
Concrete Sand
Wheat Straw
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