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Our Facility

Come See Our Recycling Facility!

Our dedication to environmental responsibility goes far beyond a strict adherence to federal, state, county, and municipal regulations by also entailing a Class-B recycling facility on our 27 acre corporate site. Here, we deploy state-of-the-art technology to transform demolition materials into crushed concrete and asphalt. In addition, trees and stumps are ground into landscape mulch.

Best of all, these high quality recycled products are available for use by many of our clients, providing them with a value-added benefit that can help enhance the quality of their projects and offset overall project costs.

Over its 14 years of operation, the Vollers Recycling Facility has processed over 1,000,000 tons of asphalt, concrete and wood debris for re-use within the community..."

Lower Emissions = Higher Value

The EPA has recently implemented a 4-Tier program intended to reduce the emissions caused by off-highway diesel engines, and Vollers is doing their part to help. Over an 11-year period, each of our 4 Tiers will mandate a higher set of strict emission standards for these vehicles, leading to an estimated cumulative reduction of Nitrous Oxide by 90% and Particulate Matter by 95% by the year 2015. Over the last several years, Vollers has participated in the program by gradually phasing in newer machinery equipped with Tier-2 and Tier-3 low-emmision engines. We are proud to say that approximately 20% of our off-highway diesel engines meet these new standards, and we will continue to build on this figure over the next 10 years.

By lending our full support to the EPA's lower-emissions program, Vollers is not only helping to clean up the environment, but is providing increased value to our customers. In redesigning engines to meet Tier-standards, engineers have found new ways to improve fuel economy and performance. Many of these new engines have been shown to provide higher levels of torque, power, and response time, allowing for jobs to be completed with more speed and accuracy than ever before.

"All The Little Things Add Up"

Did you know that Vollers...

  • Utilizes recycled waste oil for heating.
  • Has upgraded their headquarters with enhanced insulation and energy-efficient "white" roofing.
  • Recently upgraded their offices with new energy-efficient lighting AND additional skylights and windows.
  • Has upgraded their home office to high-efficiency heating and ventilation systems.
  • Recycles water for pressure washing large equipment.